I was a student at Berkeley and I had a part-time job. Besides, I wasn’t an A-level student but it wasn’t my priority. I frequently deferred to the services of different academic writing companies. I should admit that I am an expert in this area. I must confess that not always cheap essay writing service is the best one and vice verse. For you to avoid the agonies of choosing, I created a list of the best services that really deserve your attention and can provide you with the content of the highest quality. In this area, you shouldn’t risk your academic reputation and blunder into things on your own. I hope that my reviews will be helpful for you!

My Experience With Custom Writing Agencies

Have you ever felt like a blown horse when you pass exams and other significant tests? I think that each responsible student at least once in a lifetime, experiences this feeling. You have a number of written assignments to do but have no notion of where to find time to work on all of them.

This situation is well familiar to me and to a number of my friends and group mates. However, I managed to find a way out. Besides, recently I’ve got acquainted with one guy who is a former writer for a reputable essay writing service. Having talked to him, I found answers to many thorny questions.

The Reasons for the Popularity of Custom Essay Writing Services

In sober fact, many students really consider that it is much better to delegate the assignment instead of breaking brains on how to solve it. This industry was growing during the last ten years. First, the overarching aim of custom essay writing services was to do assignments for customers with below-average capacity. Nevertheless, the situation has changed. Very often these services receive assignments from not only lazy students who have cash but have no desire to think how to get out of a complicated situation but from smart and talented students as well. These customers just had no time to cope with all assignments that came out of the blue.

This information was shocking for me because I presumed that those students who managed to enter Harvard, Oxford or Cambridge are genius! They do not require the assistance to create an ordinary essay or coursework. In fact, things are different. These genius individuals ordered papers from top essay writing companies only because they just had no time and couldn’t afford to fail.

The struggles of students were perplexed by difficult for understanding assignments. For some of them, it is a serious challenge to produce degree-level academic papers. Besides, the requirements to this type of content are very strict now, the same is with charges for plagiarism. Essay writing services became the only possible way out!

The Primary Audience of Top Essay Writing Services

This industry has a very interesting and in some instances, rather shocking statistics. Students studying at the higher educational establishments of New York, California or Texas are the standing customers of such services. If students of Stanford, Berkeley or Columbia want to get their diplomas they are made to work much harder. They are not lazy ones, they really work on their assignments. In fact, all the above-listed universities have rather competitive systems. For that reason, if your overriding goal is to study here, you will be made to defer to the services of the best essay writing services.

Besides, many foreign students who cannot make boast of good writing skills but are made to go through the same struggles to get a higher education are also made to order papers. Family students or those who are made to earn their bread also haven’t the other way out.